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Edem Santorini

Edem Santorini is wonderfully located in the picturesque settlement of Finikia. Just a few steps from the renowned Oia village with the spectacular sunset that has produced innumerable postcard-perfect pictures traveling the world over the years, Finikia is the ultimate retreat for those seeking serenity and natural bliss in Santorini. The settlement is defined by lack of noisy crowds, maintaining the idyllic island feel with the distinctive architecture and laid-back atmosphere from the locals.

Finikia Santorini

Whitewashed houses literally carved in the ground create a mesmeric ambiance, with cave-like structures and dramatic views to the Aegean Sea and the imposing Caldera. Many houses have survived through the centuries, owned by prominent captains and personalities that have shaped the history of the island. And these very houses have now been renovated, always with respect to the past and the exceptional aesthetics in Santorini.

If you are looking for a tranquil haven to serve as a starting point for your Santorini explorations, if you wish to combine your adventures with the mystical aura of the island and the most splendidly relaxed environment, then Finikia is the perfect choice. Welcome to its stunning charms!